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CPT 99453$ 4,000
CPT 99454$ 153,600
CPT 99457$ 122,400
CPT 99458$ 100,800

Patient Engagement

RPM devices allow patients to play a crucial role in managing and understanding their own health conditions.

Quality of Care

RPM gives patients and healthcare providers access to more relevant patient data, thus improving overall quality and value-based care.

Better access to Healthcare

Since RPM allows patients to complete basic health testing on their own, healthcare professionals are allowed to treat more patients.

Education and Support

RPM gives patients information and feedback about their personal conditions daily, educating them and providing support.

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Cellular Blood Pressure Monitor

Easy, one-touch operation, Clinically proven accuracy, Displays readings of systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse Independent time stamp,

User buttons or use for Orthostatic Measurements, Large liquid crystal display is easy to read.

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Cellular Blood Pressure Monitor
Cellular Weight Scale

Cellular Weight Scale

Super-large low profile platform, Guest Button for other users Fast, accurate readings, Independent time stamp,

Four-digit readout in 0.2 lb increments, State-of-the-art multiple-load cell technology.

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Cellular Enabled Pulse Oximeter

Home pulse oximetry can furnish accurate data that can be used to specify a patient's health quality and the need for medical consultation or intervention.

Spot-check and semi-continuous monitoring of oxygen levels in the blood at home ...

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Cellular Enabled Pulse Oximeter
Cellular Enabled Glucometer

Cellular Enabled Glucometer

Simple adapter with a stereo pin, Independent time stamp Measurements recorded automatically,

Users can continue to use their current monitor, Fast, accurate transmission.

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Reimbursement rate according to CMS Medicare physician fee schedule

Billing Codes

CPT code 99453 & CPT Code 99454

CPT code 99453 covers activities associated with the initial on boarding of a patient into the RPM program. CPT code 99454 includes all the activities in supplying and daily use of the RPM device.

CPT code 99453: $18.48 - CPT Code 99454: $55.77
CPT Code 99457

It is billed once each month and covers activities such as monitoring and interpreting patients' physiological data. It is a requirement that RPM services are rendered for at least 20 minutes in a 30-day timeframe. Qualified physicians or clinical staff are mandated by CMS to perform those services. It is also mandatory that one live session is logged with the patient

CPT Code 99457: $50.18
CPT Code 99458

This is an additional 20-minute function performed in concurrence with CPT Code 99457. It can only be initiated once CPT Code 99457 has been covered. It follows similar billing requirements to CPT Code 99457.

CPT Code 99458: $40.84
CPT Code 99091

This RPM code can be billed only once for a 30-day service period and a minimum of 30 minutes are required to be spent on data evaluation and analysis of patient data. The physician or qualified healthcare professional is the only one allowed to bill this code.

CPT code 99091: $56.41
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